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Turning Dreams Into Sound.

About Us

At PDG Studios, our mission is to cultivate an atmosphere that ignites creativity and inspiration among artists. No longer will you have to travel to cities like New York, Atlanta, or Los Angeles in search of a recording studio that offers top-notch sound and the capability to record Rap and R&B. We pride ourselves on employing industry-standard microphones, cutting-edge equipment, and recording techniques used by some of the most outstanding engineers and famous artists.

The best part? All of this is conveniently located in the heart of Burlington Vermont.


Our Story

Studying music engineering we got tired of seeing a lack of care and quality provided to recording artist doing rap or R&B in the Burlington area. We decided to create a space that not only feels one of kind for the area but also sounds one of kind. Nothing we have and offer is easily attainable, we have high quality equipment so that people can feel confident in recording with us.  Being from the Bronx NewYork we knew what artist are looking for in terms of sound and design of a recording space. We wanted to bring the best quality of recordings around so we didn't skimp on any of the equipment. We strived to have the best equipment and be the best in our field, if you are as serious as us about your craft contact us today! 

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